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Dave wrote:

shuutrr wrote:

Apparently DSLRs will be following a similar path as carburetor V-8s, you love-um, fun to use, but they just aren't happening anymore..... recreational users are suffering melancholy, DSLRs are such marvels of design, engineering, and manufacturing....mirror less seem a little lifeless in comparison....


The carbureted V-8 is an apt analogy. I would argue that that was the film SLR, while the digital SLF is the fuel-injected V-8. Parallels can be drawn between GM's excellent "small-block" V-8 and any major camera brand's SLRs. Adjacent timelines will show the trend of advancements and refinement.

Transmissions are similar. Remember the manual? I'd like another car with one, and I appreciate the ability to focus manually. When I started with photography autofocus was still in the future. Now it's de rigueur.

I can imagine a number of improvements that will enhance my shooting. Of course they also can be applied to mirrorless cameras, so making them there - and only there - is probably the sensible thing to do business-wise.

Someday mirrorless for me? Sure, though I'll keep shooting with what I already have until it wears out or no longer suits my needs. By the time I make the jump (years away) mirrorless will have solved the EVF lag and, hopefully, will allow me to shoot while wearing my polarized sunglasses.

Yeah, it will all be good eventually, just rather pensive now....I actually have a Samsung NX 20 which is a good ML camera that I used for a couple of years, very happily I should add, Samsung unfortunately went sideways when I was about to buy an NX1, another great camera...then I got the DSLR bug and a yearn for that fancy Canon glass....I have controlled big purchases pretty well though and slowly acquire the L glass (I rent alot).....the R line is seriously confusing all of that though....not that it's a real problem, it's all recreation for me, including this reply 😊


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