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shuutrr wrote:

Apparently DSLRs will be following a similar path as carburetor V-8s, you love-um, fun to use, but they just aren't happening anymore..... recreational users are suffering melancholy, DSLRs are such marvels of design, engineering, and manufacturing....mirror less seem a little lifeless in comparison....


The carbureted V-8 is an apt analogy.  I would argue that that was the film SLR, while the digital SLF is the fuel-injected V-8.  Parallels can be drawn between GM's excellent "small-block" V-8 and any major camera brand's SLRs.  Adjacent timelines will show the trend of advancements and refinement.

Transmissions are similar.  Remember the manual?  I'd like another car with one, and I appreciate the ability to focus manually.  When I started with photography autofocus was still in the future.  Now it's de rigueur.

I can imagine a number of improvements that will enhance my shooting.  Of course they also can be applied to mirrorless cameras, so making them there - and only there - is probably the sensible thing to do business-wise.

Someday mirrorless for me?  Sure, though I'll keep shooting with what I already have until it wears out or no longer suits my needs.  By the time I make the jump (years away) mirrorless will have solved the EVF lag and, hopefully, will allow me to shoot while wearing my polarized sunglasses.

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