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Jozef M wrote:

I think these fora goes the same way as the Kodak forum.

Advanced amateurs and pros will go all eventually mirrorless, the mass market goes mirrorless and iPhone.
Canon has no market no more for the 'soccer moms', and will go all pro, which means very expensive and very good gear (with no mirror).

The Canon pro market is slowly changing ...


mirror-less is not too bad, just new approach, IMO. my concern has more to do with obsolescence of my lenses that i have invested a lot $$$ in, and they are very fine optics. i am afraid the stability that use of DSLR gives me, i am afraid i won't be able to feel that with R/RF cameras!!!

surprisingly, there are millions of DSLRs are being used and purchased as we speak and it'll be around for a while. the purpose of my post was that the enthusiasm of discussion for DSLRs have quieted down considerably and that is not a good sign

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