Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

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Svein Eriksen Senior Member • Posts: 1,907
Re: Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

Brian Wadie wrote:


Its all a matter of compromise and what makes sense to me may not to others, which is fine as I can only be worried about my requirements

I've no problem understanding that you want to get the weight down - that's also one of my main reasons for using MFT. However, according to the specs the 40-150 is 880 gram, and that's very close to the 100-400. Basically the same with a 1.4x TC and actually a bit more with a 2x TC.


There are certainly other reasons for preferring the 40-150, like faster and better lens without the TC, internal zoom, probably better weather sealing etc, but the weight difference is really small.

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