Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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Re: Lens Elements vs. UV filters

Tom Axford wrote:

Adielle wrote:

Let me know when you get a QuartzLine or Exus or a UV filter of similar quality to show that kind of horrible performance. Filters are not "all made equal", there's a huge quality spectrum, starting from extremely poor and ending in way beyond reasonable specs.

Now you are talking nonsense. The reflections from different filters will vary, but none are so low as to give no noticeable effects.

No, I haven't "talked nonsense", learn to read. Like I said, there's always a chance for noticeable negative effects and the point is that this chance greatly decreases with very high quality filters which have extremely low refraction and reflectivity. You just used a very low quality filter to demonstrate a point. Try demonstrating it with a high quality filter, next time, instead of scaring people with such a terrible picture. The problem is that you won't be able to get something like that, so you won't be demonstrating anything, but I'm sure you'll keep talking about how a single piece of glass with extremely low reflectivity and refraction and multiple essential coatings has a high chance of ruining your pictures.

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