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hello everyone,

i don't know if you guys have noticed, but any forum related to DSLR is just about dead, there is no debate, discussion or interest and that applies to aps-c and FF cameras, and just about all of the lenses as well! so what do you think, is canon in the process of killing DSLRs slowly by not introducing any new DSLR camra or lenses to entice new enthusiasm in DSLR camp or no ones has any clue (including canon) as to what is going on. of course i do see some activity in R/RS forum, which is understandable because it is the newest shiny toy! so, what do you think may happen, does anyone think we may see some new activity in DSLR camp, because it desperately needs it? would like to have your comments and opinion. thanks.

There's no relation between forums and brands, for some of us it might just be a case of having learned a lot on such forums, having contributed, but the medium has not evolved so they remained cesspools of misinformation, trolling, opinions, in other words less relevant; the home / front pages are even worse in their peddling of gossip and scandals. Others might even be lucky enough to be shooting instead of participating in forums.

If you look at canonrumors you can see Canon has been producing many products, even if they might not immediately of interest to each of us (in my case video and g series), and cameras in particular have reached a plateau: there's still room for improvement but it's not as dramatic as a few years ago. For instance while R cameras seem fine, the only thing I'm looking forward to is an RF UWA lens, and even then I might be perfectly content just with an EF UWA and whichever FF EF camera I can afford.

And then you have Canon's deliberate or ponderous market strategy: not very exciting but very reliable, which is a plus when you're out there actually taking photos.

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