Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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Re: Do you use a UV filter as protection?

I have something around $20k NZ worth of lenses and I have filters on all and lens hoods for most of them.

Really, it depends on the kind of environments in which one operates.  For many people a filter may well be unnecessary.  My gear travels a fair bit and  I do most of my photography in the outdoors and so my gear is potentially subject to salt spray, sand, dirt etc. The hoods go some way to protecting the lens from bumps, but they don't protect a lens when reversed for travel   I had an expensive lens dropped by an inspector while going through security in North America.  The camera was in a holster and fell only about 150mm (6") onto the belt.  Being in a hurry I looked at it when I had boarded the aircraft to discover that the lens cap and filter were both damaged - the filter frame was bent and the glass shattered.  I had to actually saw the thing off the lens, but the front element was fine and it checked out for alignment when I tested it later.  It had a hood attached but that was no protection in this situation.

As I said it depends on the situations in which one uses the gear, and its a cost/jrisk  situation.   I do put good quality filters on the lenses - there is no point in putting inferior glass in front of an expensive lens, but I would rather replace a broken or scratched filter than a front element any day.

To each their own though...

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