Nikon D850 for Landscapes and Portraits?

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Re: Nikon D850 for Landscapes and Portraits?

Ronan_M wrote:

nbirkett wrote:

Speaking to my personal preference now - I really dislike EVF's. I find them artificial. Subjectively, they cut me off from contact with the real scene. And I can't stand the lag times (I got into DSLRs from point and shoot cameras because I wanted the immediacy of the camera response). I don't want my camera to let me see a picture in the view finder of what the 'final' image will look like because I expect to edit the image in post production to give my final version; the camera rendition is not helpful and can be distracting.

Funny I have the opposite view. Modern day EVF implementations have minimal lag and even that is negated by all the advantages it offers. Just two of those make EVF completely worth it: accurate exposure (WYSIWYG - this has nothing to do with postprocessing...its just exposure) and focus peaking.

How we see is one thing....but how the camera sees the scene is reflected exactly on the EVF, not on the viewfinder.

Yes, agree. Have had 2 generations of Sony mirrorless before the Z7 and the current EVF is just a non issue. I prefer mirrored for long lens work (try balancing the z7 on a gimbal with the 200-500....).

You specifically asked about landscape and portrait. I find the lack of viewfinder histogram on the D850 a real pain in the butt for handheld work. It is the most significant advantage of the Z7 imho. Everything else is a wash and nuances of which is better come down to how you use the technology as much as anything. Manual exposure ? Histogram is key for me. Manual focus ? peaking and 100% magnification become important. Tripod or Handheld ? L bracket or not ? The position of the remote release socket on the Z7 is poor compared to the D850 if on an L bracket.

Both are the best cameras of their type I have ever owned.

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