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benjilafouine wrote:

The "DSLR generation" is an interesting concept. How do you define it? I used a film SLR (a hand-me-down from my father, who had gotten the Nikon of his dreams) for about 15 years, switched to "point-and-shoots" (first film and then digital) for about 20, and then got a DSLR. I shoot a fair amount with my smartphone. They've gotten pretty good.

I forgot to answer this question

I started in 2003 with digital cameras and got my first DSLR in 2005. Before 2003, I was using compact 35 mm cameras and didn't have much interest in the results (they were souvenirs/memories but nothing to frame on the wall). Digital era changed all that.

Fast forward in 2019, I own so many cameras (point and shoot, DSLR and even digital HD video cameras) that I do not see myself buying another camera for several more years unless my 7D breaks. I am now past 55 years old and I just retired and I can take good pictures with all my cameras (depending on what I want to shoot of course). Even my old S5 IS still does the job (I even have add-on lenses, wide and telephoto).

So when I refer to the "DSLR generation", I mean people who have jumped on the digital bandwagon since the early days of digital cameras and who are more than satisfied with what they already own. Of course, I do not consider myself as a professional photographer although I flirted with the idea 10 years ago. I can understand why pros would want an even better and faster camera.

This is what I consider to be the "DSLR generation" and I have no need to buy a more fancy things. This generation has enough cameras for years to come, hence I believe less attraction for new stuff.

Just my personal opinion.

Thanks for the answer.  I also have an S5IS (though I never got the add-on lenses).  It is wonderfully compact and produced memorable results for me in Alaska and the Galapagos Islands. I still have it and all the digital cameras that led me to my 80D, which I can shooting with happily for years to come.  Part of the reason I got it was to shoot high school tennis.  While next year will likely be my last, I have discovered other uses for it.

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