Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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Re: Variable UV filters?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Not arguing - but the import of the variable UV content from different areas in the world and different times of the day would presume that there is no such thing as a standard UV filter and that the only suitable filter would be one that is adjustable and the user skills necessary to take advantage of it.

What is standard, is the narrow description of optimal use of the equipment at

  • 45 degrees north latitude,
  • at sea level,
  • in hours suitable for photography without the strong direct impact of UV and IR radiation on the equipment (mornings up to 11 am, afternoons after 4 pm).

For example, shooting direct in the sun with a digital camera in the middle of the day, without a suitable filter, in most cases voids the warranty.

Everything outside of what is standard in non-standard and must be assessed accordingly. If you live, travel or work outside those boundaries, for example

  • if you are closer to the equator
  • at higher altitudes
  • inside pockets of very increased UV (ozone holes)
  • photographing outside in the middle of the day
  • etc.

you must think outside the standard UV filter, and seek a better one.

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