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Re: dead zone

This was my take on a recent DPR forum re Canon moving forward

Canons position on a 7D2 upgrade might be :-

its not on a regular cycle for replacement, if it was it would be 5 year so it should be out this autumn

Were too busy with R and RF

We can’t yet match the D500

We still have Herberts like me buying 7D2s in order to replace knackered worn out ones(at a very good price too I might add)

Its frustrating and may slow sales as togs wonder which way Canon are going to jump

No 600 DO and not even a sniff of a 500L f5.6 IS

They can’t even put a preset A size crop in their DPP 4 software, but still manage to crank out new A size printers

Logical or not, I do hope that there is a 7D3 and a1DX3, however I too would like a return of the 1D ASPH fast action camera”

My real suspicion though is that canon wants to migrate fully to the RF lens system and hasn’t quite worked out how to do it without losing customers

The extra electrical contacts on the R system cause me concern, because whilst I am heavily invested in the EF system and would like to stay there, potential future performance of the R system because of improved AF and Tele extender performance might dictate otherwise

I can envisage that if RF Tele extenders were introduced with RF super teles, alongside R action Pro bodies, then the EF/DSLR line may be left to expire quietly by obsolescence and eventual non support”

RF is probably going to be the way forward which is disappointing because RF lenses can’t be used on current or potential mirror slappers with with OVFs

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