Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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bobn2 wrote:

Smaug01 wrote:

...But someone once told me: "Why put cheap glass in front of expensive glass?"

I thought about it, and it makes a lot of sense, since every time light passes through a glass surface, some contrast is lost. This is why aspherical optics are so great. One lens surface with a compound curve can replace several old-school elements stacked together.

In all the years I did the UV or skylight filter, I never scratched one.

So now, I use hood or a lens cap.

For you, while climbing. You don't believe in hoods. (your loss)

But how about just keeping the lens cap on until you want to take a shot? The lens cap would be tethered to the camera, of course. Or could even be a collapsible, automatic lens cap, like on point & shoot cameras.

If the lens manufacturers really though that a filter in front was a good idea, you'd think they would sell the lenses with a matched filter already installed. They'd even make a bit of money selling replacement matched filters for the folks that broke them.

Surely people wouldn’t risk that happening and would use another protection filter to protect the matched protection filter

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