Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

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Re: Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

Minolta_A2 wrote:

Just curious if anyone chose to keep both lenses.

I have 12-100mm f4.0. I'm 110% satisfied with it.
Then there is 40-150mm f2.8 Pro. The lens that I WAS equally interested in.
To me, the difference in focal length between the two lenses is not significant enough to buy another. However, I understand the difference between f2.8 and f4.0 is still meaningful.

If you have both of them and chose to keep both, I want to hear about your experience, something that numbers and specs can't tell. Or if you chose to sell either one after experiencing both, which one did you keep? What was the reason?

Thanks in advance.

This came at an interesting time for me as I have just been through this debate with myself.

Previously I had both + the PL100-400 but had to sell of both Olympus lenses to raise some money for another project (caused by joint and soft tissue damage to my shoulder).

Its now about 18 months on and I'm rebuilding my kit and physical abilities.

As part of the move I had tried the 12-200 as a dual range lens to cover both lenses but found I couldn't live with its lower IQ compared with the pro lenses, so I traded it in for a used but as new 12-100 (which is as good as I remembered it )

Now I was left with the PL100-400 which I was finding is getting too heavy for me(old age + still some muscle weakness problems) and with the advent of the MC-20 I have decided to trade that in for a used 40-150 pro with 1.4X TC.

If that deal goes through and funds permit I then plan to get the MC-20 (a friend has one on order to use with his 40-150 pro so I will get some first hand experience with it prior to purchase )

The deciding factor for me was looking back over my past images produced using both lenses and looking at both the quality of those images and confirming that there was a sufficiently different range of uses for each that the apparent duplication would not be a problem.

The fact that both lenses are now available as used copies, with good warranties and at around 60% of full purchase price was the deciding kick to make the moves

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