Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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Re: Do you use a UV filter as protection?

nosiesta wrote:


What's the current thinking on using a decent UV filter to protect the lens outer element?

I don't think there's a photographic subject which generates so much debate and so much heat about so little. The discussion is perpetual, and it always comes down to a subjective judgement of risk and cost.

To address a few points already made in this thread.

  • Unless designed or modified to be "full spectrum", digital sensors filter out UV.
  • Modern lens coatings also filter out UV.
  • UV filters block a measurable amount of light in the violet portion of the spectrum.
  • Protective filters, Lens hoods and insurance provide different and somewhat overlapping forms of protection. A filter acts as a physical barrier between the front element and things like salt spray and thrown dirt and rocks. A lens hood helps to prevent intrusive objects from reaching the front element, and can also absorb more energy from contact than a filter.
  • Just because a filter breaks doesn't mean that it "saved the lens."
  • Any filter, even a clear protector, increases the likelihood of flare.

I personally use protective filters only in adverse environmental conditions. I've paid a price for that choice. Two of my lenses picked up front element "marks" from debris which a protective filter might have prevented. Such marks have virtually no impact on optical performance, but can reduce resale value by 50% or so. On the other hand, I did go out and buy lens hoods for both my m43 lenses with came without them.   I stopped buying UV filters over a dozen years ago.

Given a choice between using a hood or a filter, I'd choose a hood every time. But it's your gear, your money, and your choice.  Filter out the exaggerated claims and go with what feels right to you.

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