Any Sony HX99 owners?

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John McCormack
John McCormack Veteran Member • Posts: 6,536
Re: Any Sony HX99 owners?

NorCal Jim wrote:

I'm not really surprised with no responses so far--asking about the HX99 was definitely a long shot!

I did get the answers that I was looking for from Jay SonyAlphaLabs on YouTube...

Instead of just choosing between the RX100M5 & M6, I will be getting two cameras (M5 & HX99). I want a long zoom reach and 720mm is very appealing and getting these two cameras allows me to keep the f/1.8 to f/2.8 max apertures and ND filter on one camera while supplementing these functions with a compact superzoom.


I'm considering the HX99 also. I have the HX80, but the HX99 adds some bells and whistles, including RAW, that make it attractive and the price is decent.

I usually travel with the HX80 and RX100 IV; they cover low light and long shots like this young hawk and puffins that would have been impossible with RX100 IV.

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