Do you use a UV filter as protection?

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Re: Do you use a UV filter as protection?

I always use it for protection as well as for reducing purple fringing. Sometimes the reduction is slight, sometimes it's significant, depends on the lens and the filter (got the biggest improvement with the 25mm f/1.4 which has very poor CA handling). I highly recommend Marumi Exus and PolarPro QuartzLine UV filters, the QuartzLine cleans up especially easily. Very expensive filters, though.

Check out this nice UV and clear filter spectrograms page at lensrentals. Basically, the further it is from 100 in the visible light spectrum, means more chance of reflections, which means worse image quality. Zeiss T* and Tiffen Digital HT for example are the only UV filters in that comparison that are really effective at reduction in the UV spectrum, but they do have significantly higher chance of reflections than some other filters, and I have seen comments about this problem in Zeiss T* user reviews, and I assume that the Tiffen filter would be much worse based on the spectrogram. I would use something like the T* UV filter with a zoom lens that has massive purple fringing in some cases, but not with a prime lens.

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