ISO 100, OMD-EM1II and firmware 3.0?

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Re: ISO 100 Compared to Overexposure

Architeuthis wrote:

Cafe Racer wrote:


I realised that what I was trying to find out is completely different to what your are and your answer confirms that. I'm not asking about IQ, S/N or DR at this point. So now I'll be more specific.

Do you think the two photos will be exposed the same (exhibit the same brightness) or will one be darker/brighter than the other given the combination of ISO, shutter speed and aperture?

Yes I know, some people don't like to use the word exposure because of ISO. I understand that ISO has no influence on the light entering the camera, that's the aperture and shutter speed, but it does serve to brighten or darken a photo.

Once again this is not a trick question. It's just photography basics, like what we learned when we first started. I'm trying to get us on the same page.

Cafe Racer.

Hi Cafe Racer,

The problem is really that the terms are used by different people in different cintext and there is no unifying nomenclature...

When I understand you correctly, you mean the brigthness of the final outcome (=raw file) without further postprocessing. Then "part#2" provides the answer: the increase in ISO compensates for the smaller amount of light harvested. The raw files have, more or less, identical brightness...


I created a thread demonstrating what I was enquiring about but it's with the G80. I don't have the E-M1ii.

Cafe Racer.

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