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I came here to ask you all a question of adding a D750 to my D7200. Would you consider it a good choice to add an FX body to my DX setup? I would mainly use this camera as my portrait setup and then focus on using my D7200 for sports. I currently shoot both and am about 50-50 right now in terms of my work. Also, I would change to the FX version of the 35mm.

I would consider a used D4 or D4s. Similar price to D750 and better camera in almost every way for sports.

A D4 is only the same price as a new D750 when it’s being sold as “well used”, ie shot to death by a pro. A working D4s is nowhere near the same price, in any condition.

Used, well used, if it's in working condition there is no reason to NOT buy.  There is no such thing as shot to death.  Replacing moving parts is fairly cheap if needed and not likely for most people.  I bought my "well used and shot to death"  D4 3 years ago and it's served me well and still humming along.  There are many used D4s on the market.  The range is $1,300-$2,500 with most selling for under $2K.

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