Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

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Re: Who has both Olympus 12-100mm and 40-150mm f2.8?

I have both, but seemingly went the opposite direction of many: I had the 12-100mm first, and then bought the 40-150mm.  My reasons for doing so turned out not to be how I ended up using the 40-150mm, however.

For me, the 12-100mm is an all-rounder lens.  It can do some things perfectly, and a lot of things really well.  I use it when traveling, or even when going somewhere locally where I either haven't been before or am not sure what types of things I might encounter to photograph.  IBIS + ILIS also makes for an extremely stable setup when taking video.

The 40-150mm is a bit more specialized.  The added 50mm of focal length and the f/2.8 aperture make it my preferred versatile portrait lens on µ4/3.  I've gone above 100mm often enough (and with pleasing results) to justify it to myself.  I also have the MC-14, which the lens handles extremely well, but I don't use it as often as I thought I would.  (I originally figured that the teleconverter would be married to the lens, but my preferred shooting subjects changed.) I might end up doing sports photography in a few years, and the 40-150mm will likely prove ideal for that.

If I could only keep one, it would be the 12-100mm.  Yet when I look through my photos, the 40-150mm has received a lot more use.

In terms of actual image quality, I haven't reviewed LensTip's charts, but I feel that they're about even for sharpness.  In terms of bokeh, it depends a bit.  They're both capable of very pleasing bokeh, but I've also had some of that ugly, "nervous" bokeh from both lenses.  When it's bad from the 40-150mm, it's really bad, though; at times it has almost taken on that "donut-ring" appearance that is usually associated with reflex (aka mirror aka catadioptric) lenses.  On the other hand, the 40-150mm is the only lens on µ4/3 where I've been able to blow away the background into one or two colors, which is a look that all of the extreme shallow DoF fans seem to lust after, so it's capable of a fair bit of diversity there!

I use the 40-150mm without the tripod collar.  There's an optional accessory (DR-something; "decorative ring") that is basically a piece of hard plastic that fits over the tripod collar screws, making it much more comfortable to hand-hold.  Highly recommended if you're getting the lens and don't intend to use it on a tripod or monopod.

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