Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

Feel free to comment at this picture, what do you think? What's the first thing that comes into your mind when looking at it?

this is just the beginning  While your simple composition is fine you need to do a lot more work in post.

first and very important for your work flow is to set up your flow and stick to it. On possible work flow which works for me is after opening the image in Pshop I consider the image for any  noise work cropping and straightening of verticals and or horisontals. Your image needed lots of noise reduction and straightening and coplor and contrast work.

first straighten it. Most of this can be done with the lens correction then a touch of work in warp under the warp menu which you access in Pshop by making sure there are no layers open then choosing layers then new layer then layer via copy then go to the edit menu and choose transform and then warp. this tool will allow you to hand straighten many image with very little loss of image area.

then you should establish a black and white point by choosing the layers menu then levels. With the levels box open move the center slider all the way to the right until the brightest spot is obvious. this might also require moving the white poinnter a tad towards the center to get it to show up better. then choose the white eye droper and click oh the brightest spot  for the black point move the center slider all the way towards the left and you should easily see the darkest spot and using the black eye droper sample this spot

now you will have all the tonalites available to you that are in your file.  Tbere is no law that says evey final image will have a perfedt white or black point and as a manter of fact  this will have to have the highlights brought down slightly so the detail in the walls are visible.  using the white slider to bring down the white to just the right point for this image and play around with the center slider till you see how bright or dark you feel the image might be.

With this image there is not a great dael more to do other then a touch of vignetting which will help give it more shape.

you really did not do any post on this by the look of it

many are scared to do that but its lossless if your using raw you will never alter your

if you like the more sunset and warmer coler look you can easily work that in pshop.

original file. so you  are free to try what ever you want

bottom line this making images involves a great deal more that just shooting and saving a jpeg

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