Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

fferreres wrote:

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Guys, anyone has a good recommendation on how to make a photo look old like this above?

As evident from the post preceding mine, special effects are now very much standard in many post-processing software. Even the lowly FREE Picasa (discontinued) has special effect for film-like output. Presets makes it just ONE CLICK operation. Pictorial and Luminar are two INEXPENSIVE (under $40 one time payment) software available on-line.  Affinity Photo is about $56 but may (now) be on-sale for about $45.


To the poster about film, he said film but also shares a photo that looks with browned paper, as it was old, not just current film.

I am not the OP nor the poster you are addressing.  Special effects I mentioned above includes brown paper bag, wrinkled look, shrilled look, elongated, Picasso effect,  high-key, low-key, and much more.
I electrd not to post  samples.

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