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Re: One final suggestion and I will bow out of this discussion

Ellis Vener wrote:

Would you mind if I make a suggestion to all concerned?

Don’t get involved in personality based discussions on Internet forums with strangers. They do not know you and you do not know them. Your internet persona is not you.

Internet discussion forums and websites are at best weak and shallow simulacrums of real-life - online life tends to more easily bring out the worst in people. It’s mob mentality (lack of direct responsibility and consequences) but the mob consists of just one person - you (you in the general sense meaning everyone reading this and not any single person specifically.) Like almost everyone else who has ever ventured into an internet forum, or made a comment online or participated in "(anti-) social media" I am guilty of this too, but these days I try not to.
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A similar dementia occurs when some people step into their cars.  They get behind the wheel and the real person is hidden in their minds and they become at the worst case "Road Rage Monsters."    There is a theory called "Double Bind Theory" that advocates stepping out of a bad situation to be healthy.   But it can be hard to do for some people, like when people are married and wind up abusing each other.  In any case breaking free of the issue is best.   On the web, it's simple.  Just don't participate in what leads down that path.

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