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Re: I'm still not sure...

BAK wrote:

Trolls set out to intentionally waste the time of other members.

They usually begin their trolling by asking a stupid question that has just enough sense to it that a well-meaning person will try to answer it anyway.


Interesting definition that is totally different than what I may have thought.  But when it comes to beginners and novices (who seasoned professionals should take some care to mentor, guide and not offend), I think that some can ask stupid questions quite unintentionally.

I just provided an answer to somebody asking a question in Pro Digital Talk who asked for a formula to calculate camera to subject distance to fill a frame based on lens focal length.  Indeed that might be taken as a stupid question and it might be taken as being asked intentionally.  But hey, I knew of an answer to the question and gave it up freely.  It's not that any pro photographer would ever have a need to calculate subject distance to fill a frame, but I don't know that.  In the film industry - maybe?    I figured that the question and my answer might generate some heat based on its purpose and the fact that the answer to the question was not something that would be a standard procedure.  But I have no experience with trolls how you have defined them.  I always felt they were after info, not intentionally wanting to waste member's time.

And really, it seems strange that anyone would want to intentionally set about wasting other people's time.   They may however be trying to establish some sort of participation identity for themselves and therefore  ... ask stupid questions just to participate.

The psychology of people is the core of many social media interaction issues and they are usually personal identity issues that range from one person trying to establish themselves to cliches, several people who band together to enforce  a particular identity.

To get hostile on them is not healthy and at best draws a person into their feeble attempts to play identity games.  It's best to just stay out of it.  If you get drawn in, you nourish their attempt and they get worse.  Or if the person is legit and really is only trying to improve upon their skills and knowledge, you can do more harm by confrontation than good.   Again, it's likely best to stay out of it, unless things remain civil and you can help them out.

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