ISO 100, OMD-EM1II and firmware 3.0?

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Re: ISO 100 Compared to Overexposure

1943Mike wrote:

So, Bobn2,

Your discussion is making my head spin - not in a bad way - just trying to get to a conclusion as to whether or not the extended ISO's offered in the E-M1.2 are useful and when and where they might be used if it is indeed your opinion that they have some utility for us as photographers.

So far the only advantage I believe I've wrested from this thread when using either ISO 64 or 100 is that, assuming there are no highlights in the scene to be captured that would be of any import were they to be blown, the shadow detail might be improved.

Please add/subtract/correct my thinking on the subject.

Let's take it right back to the basics.

The bigger the exposure you use, the better the noise will be. If you approach photography in the usual way, setting your exposure according to the exposure meter, then setting a lower ISO will result in you selecting a larger exposure, therefore you'll get better noise. So far, so good. The downside of the low ISO settings is that the exposure in the bright bits of the image might be more than the camera can handle, so you could clip the highlights. That isn't a serious risk at 100 ISO, but could be a problem for 64 ISO, so best reserved for scenes without bright highlights.

There are other ways of managing exposure apart from the usual one described above, such as ETTR. If you're using one of those techniques, then the low ISO settings probably won't be of much benefit, because you'll be setting a larger exposure anyhow.

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