Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

fferreres wrote:

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

thank you all for your input, I'm very appreciated.

your critics were or will be taken in consideration in the right time. But, for now, the main reason I request your assistance is about another thing.

there's nothing wrong with my d90, I'm just a bit nostalgic, that's all.

When I edit I was aware that it was incomplete, but before I went any further and risk ruining all, I reached for more eyes (yours) to see if I'm going in the right direction.

I didn't want to say much at the time, but when I asked, What's the first thing that comes into your mind? I hoped the answer would be film. But the simple fact that wasn't clear for you means that I didn't succeed (despite some of you nailed the nail on the head, bullseye )

Plus I tried to go for a generic film look since I haven't yet some old photos to guide me through, so my memory/imagination is all that I have for now, so , i'll take way of date film with expired chemicals :), at least is a start.

I think i manage to do this with my sony. I'm pretty happy with the overall result, despite not being quite a photo but it's closer to an add in a 60's or 70's magazine.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Guys, anyone has a good recommendation on how to make a photo look old like this above? OP, do you have the original? Or did you take the photo like that you posted and this upload was without any changes? It’s best to do the vintage look always after post procession.

That's just badly printed in a magazine.

To the poster about film, he said film but also shares a photo that looks with browned paper, as it was old, not just current film.

It is not the case that all old prints were sepia toned; and you can make a print in the darkroom today and sepia tone it. The main advantage of sepia toning is that the print becomes less likely to fade -- but generally, prints fade only if they were not thoroughly washed.

Some people found straight B&W looked "cold" and sepia toning warms the print to suit these viewers.

You could also print on plain white paper, or on cream-tinted paper. Warm tone paper is still on sale for inkjet printers today.

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