Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: I'm still not sure...

BAK wrote:

RE >> BTW: I am not a troll. Personally, I think the member who called me a troll in another thread, ... <<

First, I'm not sure he called you a troll.

If he didn't, he may as well have. It was a negative comment.

He just raised the question that, to him, you looked as if you could be a troll. And he offered a couple of troll characteristics that matched some of your posts.

Second, when I saw one of your early posts, I had a similar thought. Your posts looked like the work of a troll to me, too. But I decided to error on the side of good-mannerly caution, and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Which brings us to today.

I don't think you are a troll.

But depending on where someone dips into your various threads, it certainly is possible to draw that conclusion, until that someone dips into another part of your threads and sees some sort of explanation for your troll-like words.

Thank you for saying so.

But what is a troll and how does a troll behave? I rather thought that a troll was somebody who tries to obtain information on members for any number of reasons ... commercial reasons regarding what they are liable to purchase, malicious reasons (let's leave that one intentionally without examples to avoid giving anyone ideas) and other reasons that target members for personal info. And what in the world qualifies as a troll-like word? When a member is a beginner or a novice, how does he/she avoid oblique questions when they go in not quite sure about what they are dealing with in the fist place?   I make no apologies, but there are many aspects of photography, particularly lighting, for example, at which I am a certain beginner/novice on a learning curve.

If the definition of a troll is somebody who tries to get information on how to use photographic gear or techniques, obtain feedback on quality gear, etc., that does not seem to be something to be maligned. Of course, they are fishing for answers, but not at all, personal info on other members.

This whole concept of a troll deserves its own thread, perhaps in the Open Talk forum.

- - -

a/ Do you own a flash meter? That would help your learning.

Yes, I have two ...

A Buff Cyber Commander and a Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478D-U with the 5 degree view finder attachment.

b/ You can learn a lot about lighting by watching, on Youtube, the On-Set programs produced for Adorama TV and featuring Daniel Norton.

I'll check it out as I am currently immersed in studying up on lighting techniques.

This is his latest show. Posted this morning, and I have not watched it.

c/ There's a lot to be said for learning some part of photography fairly well, instead of just skimming the surface on many niches.

Yes, well at the moment, that part is lighting. Not being a niche photographer is not the same as skimming literature or video presentations on many niches. It has to do what you've already learned and what you want to do actively, not what you are reading or exposing yourself to in audio/video presentations.


Given the courtesy you have shown here and your explanation, I will take the member in question off my ignore list. But really, he should take care on how he words things. I have seen veteran members in the beginner forum razz beginners to the point where I wouldn't blame them for dumping DPR. I personally will no longer participate in the beginner forum which seems to be haunted by bullies.

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