Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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I'm still not sure...

RE >> BTW: I am not a troll. Personally, I think the member who called me a troll in another thread, ... <<

First, I'm not sure he called you a troll.

He just raised the question that, to him, you looked as if you could be a troll. And he offered a couple of troll characteristics that matched some of your posts.

Second, when I saw one of your early posts, I had a similar thought. Your posts looked like the work of a troll to me, too. But I decided to error on the side of good-mannerly caution, and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Which brings us to today.

I don't think you are a troll.

But depending on where someone dips into your various threads, it certainly is possible to draw that conclusion, until that someone dips into another part of your threads and sees some sort of explanation for your troll-like words.

- - -

a/ Do you own a flash meter? That would help your learning.

b/ You can learn a lot about lighting by watching, on Youtube, the On-Set programs produced for Adorama TV and featuring Daniel Norton.

This is his latest show. Posted this morning, and I have not watched it.

You may not like Daniel, because he often makes up stuff as he goes along. That may not be rules-based enough for him.

Daniel has another series where, most often, he sits on his porch and, in simplified terms, "talks about how photographers think and act."

c/ There's a lot to be said for learning some part of photography fairly well, instead of just skimming the surface on many niches.


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