Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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I can be long winded. I can't do anything to change that particular character fault and just have to live with it. The explanation was simpler than the original.

No problem. I was just curious, because for most photographic applications, current flash technology is plenty powerful enough.

Actually, light weight flash has limitations and virtues.   On Camera flash power settings are below 100 Watts for light weight portables.   Medium studio lights are adjustable up to 500 watts and the big lights up to over 2500 watts.   On Camera flash may be relocated off camera and may be set up to slave other speedlites, but they are less flexible when it comes to working with other units and certain types of light modifiers.

Speedlites, I have just learned, do operate using IGBT circuits and so can do an excellent job of action freezing.   In fact, speedlites were first to use IGBT.   Larger studio units followed when IGBT circuits could be designed to work with the higher power levels.  Some, like my Canon speedlites have built in Fresnel lens attachments, poor and made of plastic, true.

I have three speedlites, a 580EX, a 430EX and a Macro MT-24EX Twin Lite, all from Canon.  And I do use them.  Further, they can be combined with studio lighting for fill, edge lighting and other needs.

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