Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

flyinglentris wrote:

elliotn wrote:

What are you photographing that requires this boost in flash power?


The last time I honestly answered this simple question, I got accused by a member of being a troll. So forgive me, if I keep to a simple answer.

I am not a niche photographer. I am a retired near senior who having left his career, has moved on to broaden interests in photography as it has been a life long interest and hobby. I am jumping in with both feet and my photographic interests are very wide open. Both satisfying those interests and exploring photographic principles are what drive my current gear needs. There is no particular niche which defines what gear I acquire.

As a retiree and amateur photographer, my photography is not professional, but for my own personal satisfaction and possibly to share my passion with others. I mainly do photography as art..

I am currently exploring macro, motion freezing, time lapse and lighting principles, ambient, lightweight camera mounted portable (Speedlite) and studio. But as I refine photographic knowledge and skills which I never acquired to such a high level in the past, anything may find its way into my immediate interests and intents as I go along.

With my interests now fixed on photographic lighting, I am growing my lighting gear to accommodate the interest and allow me to explore and refine my skills and experience with lighting.

That's it as best as I can put it in a nutshell. I am acquiring gear to lift the restrictions on what I can try and what I can achieve with photography. I have the time and freedom to open up my interests and passion as much as I please.

BTW: I am not a troll. Personally, I think the member who called me a troll in another thread, had some other personal problem bugging them, perhaps not liking how I am able to grow in photography (because of my retiree freedom and ability to acquire gear while they might still be restricted by work and not so much freedom for photographic pleasure). Their day for retiree freedom will someday come, if they live long enough. I hope they plan for it and can enjoy it without being limited by declining geriatric health issues and disability. Then too, some people just can't stand to see someone grow in a domain which they paid time and money in terms of education to qualify professionally. It's silly, but all too often true.

A simpler answer — 'I don't know'

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