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Paul Richman wrote:

First I tried one locally. It was decentered . I just got one from Adorama today and it’s wonderful! What a great lens!! Sharp deep into the corners even at F4.

So, the news on a $1300 lens is that you may have to buy multiple copies to get a good one and you have to know how to evaluate the corners and know what's good and what's not? Geez Nikon, that doesn't sound like how it should be.

Automated testing should stop the bad ones at the factory for rework (perhaps some manual centering/alignment) rather than trying to dump them on customers.

Seems there's a gap in the market for an entrepreneur to pre-test lenses and batch them for guaranteed MTF. People like Der Bauer do this for top end Intel CPUs, guaranteeing it will do 5.1 GHz on all cores for instance. Intel themselves bin there own CPUs to sell limited editions such as the 8086K anniversary edition. Nikon could release a 14-30mm f/4SH for (High MTF) with individually tested MTF charts in the box.

Roger, did you read that?

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