Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

As I settle in tonight watching an old photographer movie, Alfred Hitchcocks's "Rear Window" with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, I take a sigh, knowing that I've figured out from this thread how to stretch my budget toward my 3rd lighting purchase.

I'll be getting it all from Buff Inc., but instead of getting one more Einstein E640 and a DigiBee DB800, I've decided to beef up my light modifiers this time ...

DigiBee DB800 Flash Unit
Cybersync Transciever
13' Heavy Duty Combination Boom Stand
30" x 60" Foldable Softbox
Grid for 30" x 60" Foldable Softbox
LiteMod Unit Mainframe
LiteMod Snoot
LiteMod Barndoors
LiteMod Filter Holders, Set of (6)
LiteMod Diffusion Filters, Set of (6)
11" Long Throw Reflector
11" Long Throw Reflector 30 degree Honeycomb Grid
8.5" High Output Reflector
8.5" High Output Reflector 30 degree Honeycomb Grid
7" Standard Reflector
7" Standard Reflector (4) various angle Honeycomb Grids

As much as I'd like to get my mits on that 5600 Big Eye Fresnel, it's definitely out of reach. Instead, as can be seen from the above list, I've elected to get the 11" Long Throw Reflector and the 8.5" High Output Reflector along with the 7" Standard. I'll get some honeycomb grids to further modify the light output angles from these reflectors.

This should get me deeper into studio lighting and I thank those of you who responded to this thread and helped steer my current gear acquisition decision.

There's still a heck of a lot left on the wish list. I've already got a bunch of umbrellas, but no Bollys, no GOBO materials, no reflector cards and still need to get some additional back drops. And there's of course, more still.

For now, it's "Rear WIndow" on the tube.

Happy Shooting.

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