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Re: Adding an FX camera

Willing to bet d7200 is sharper. No AA filter

Sharper than what?  Sharper than D750?

We've had these discussions and the D7200 will always look sharper.  Some of this is aliasing and could be considered "fake sharpness" of a sort.  I owned a D7200 and a D750 and compared them side by side.  The D7200 appeared sharper.  After applying sharpening to D750 images they start to be close to equal to D7200 sharpness.  In my case this was an informal comparison, not an exhaustive scientific test.  The D750 will have better color depth and so forth so figure that into the comparison.  There is not much difference in IQ between the two and full frame comes at a big cost.

Now neither of those bodies is sharper than a D810, although they're both smaller and lighter.  I wouldn't give up my D750 but I really like the D810.  Put a heavy 24-70 lens on it and the combination can get hard to handle.

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