Need a opinion on this picture.

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Re: Need a opinion on this picture.

I would square off the framing, losing whatever is on the bottom (sidewalk I think) and some of the sky (which would help a little bit to minimize the noise).

I have never been to this location.  I did a quick Google search and at least 75% of the photos had verticals similar to yours.  At this point I can't say if the verticals are supposed to be like that (possible, given that many older structures often have angled walls) or if the 25% of photos that have straight verticals over corrected (some photographers over-correct seemingly problematic verticals and horizons).

I'd like to say you should add some clarity or something to help with some of the detail on the building, but I think that would ramp up the noise too much and would require some advanced processing.

Overall, I think it is a solid effort for someone starting out with an old camera. I agree that the age of the camera explains some of the noise, and I wonder if this particular unit just aged poorly. You should be able to find a cheap, used, newer camera for a pittance and that would help you advance your skills as you would no longer be handicapped by an ancient camera body.

We all have old shots, either from when we were just starting out or on an what is now an terrible body.  They looked fine to us at the time, but when we look back now we just wince. All us old timers forget that.

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