Best DAM software for someone starting from scratch?

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Re: You look so smart and nice !

tokumeino wrote:

fuego6 wrote:

Jimmy C wrote:

fuego6 wrote:

-1 - MAC iOS only

Not true. Site shows Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

-2 - website is down

Not true.

=-3 - you are OUT!

Not sure what to think of this statement.

Well.. the website is back up - it was down and out when the comment was added (but it looks like it was designed by a 4 year old.... dark blue with black text... WHAT??!!)

It may available for multiple OS's... but your images are all stored on their servers... who would want that!?!?! So the software is just a sync - not really software.. you are really doing everything on their web based system... not a true DAM - just a google photos / icloud replacement.

still gets a thumbs down from me...

I think that I made my point clear : it is not a DAM in the way iMatch is a DAM. But you can face recog, geomap, event-sort, rate, IPTC keyword and every basic stuff. All information is stored into regular XMP files so other sofware can interoperate flawlessly with Mylio (both directions).

For the remaining, I would stay polite by saying that life teached me to be humble when I'm not completely sure of my knowledge. I can hardly can a true statement in your words. So no, the pictures are not sotered on their servers : that's all what Mylio is about. It is a kind og Picasa replacement, but on a P2P basis, with your pictures beeing stored on multiple devices of yours, with pctures as well as metadata sync across your devices.

Mylio is certainly no holy grail, but for who wants to stay away from the cloud, who needs efficient face recog (performed on your computer, no cloud), P2P sync including metadata across devices of multiple platforms, various tagging features and such, which are the alternatives ? Luminar's DAM perhaps ? THEY have a good looking website so you should be interseted into their software

I have tried out a lot of solutions, and what I have found is that there isn't an end all be all solution. You basically have to find the compromise that best suits you. For me, that is currently Mylio, but it may not be the right solution for others.

But I do believe that Mylio needs to be better at explaining how it works, because there is a tendency to ignore it, because it is considered a cloud solution, which it isn't.

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