Galapagos + Europe trip -- what gear?

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Re: Galapagos + Europe trip -- what gear?

The consensus re Galapagos seem to be that 50-140 + TC 1.4 is long enough. So I am weighting (pun intended) whether to do this combo (that I own) or to rent or buy a 55-200 (currently on sale). Would save more than 500g but lose some IQ and WR.

I'd probably just go with the combo that you own. If you're going to be on boats a lot, carrying a little weight around for short bursts is probably OK. I assume you can sit down pretty frequently.

Same dilemma at the shorter end, go 18-55 (save weight & get OIS) or 16-55 (get wider, OIS, WR, & extra IQ). It seems most people do not think wider than 18 is a must have (true?) and I plan to take the 12mm for Europe.

I think it depends on where you're going and what you wan to capture. If I were going back to Europe I would not be without my 10-24. I was in Prague and the surrounding countries and would've regretted it if I didn't have it with me. Lots of narrow streets and cramped cathedral interiors... That said, I have the 16-55 and love/prefer it over the 18-55. But if it was between the wider zoom and the 16-55, I'd probably pick up the 10-24 and stick with the 18-55.

For snorkeling I'll go with a Sony FDRX3000 (a go pro type camera) and my wife will probably have an Oly Tough (which would be my backup camera for everything).

I'd recommend an extendable "selfie pole" that can be submerged underwater with your action cam mounted on it. I do a lot of scuba diving and the extra reach from the pole is great. The fish don't seem to mind it as much, but they will definitely run away if you start swimming towards them. You can find good ones for around 20-30$ or so. Bonus points if it has a strap to go around your wrist (or a clip) in case you drop it.

Should I take a monopod for Galapagos? What other accessories are a must?

Maybe if you think you need it for stability. Probably depends on your kit. I might also think of something to help with spray from being on boats (not sure what your boating looks like). Maybe a CPL if you feel like you could make use of it.

Last but not least, what's the best way to carry everything?

After much wasted money on bags, I've ended up sticking with the camera inserts. I find that camera bags are great for holding/protecting gear, but make for terrible and uncomfortable bags! For both comfort, price, and being conspicuous, you cant beat a beefy padded insert or two inside a good hiking/day bag.

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