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Re: Contrast, Contrast, CONTRAST!!!

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MarshallG wrote:

i use single focus point all the time, especially for birding, and i don't see any issue with it! as soon as you connect it to the target, it can be very accurate, IMO.

one thing that helps me is to press the shutter button half way a few times and then press it all the way down and take the photo! as i am sure you know this, pressing the shutter button beeps and confirms the "Focus" and ready to shoot with accurate focus.

You are describing One Shot (Single) Focus Mode, not Servo (Continuous) Mode. For a continuously moving horse, the Servo Mode is better.

i agree with your argument but i still do a few halfway press (shutter button) out of habit and then press fully, it doesn't hurt anything, it can be done quickly and it has worked for me, so far

There are times when a single point is the only way to go, but in shots like these, the horse is fairly low intrastate (unless you get in tighter). The single point can fail to find contrast. When you use several points, the central point is still prioritized, if it can attain focus. You should try this sometime and see.

several focus point around the main one (four point, for example), i still have noticed the focus can get confused at times and subject doesn't look as sharp as center focus point applied.

i think the main point here is "experience, experience". we all learn through experience more than just theory and listening to others, which is not but not is valuable as personal experience! also, i suggest to OP to go out and learn your camera and see how it behaves instead of going out and purchasing another camera if it was me i still have my 5D and 40D that i use on daily bases and learn their idiosyncrasies along with my 1dmk4 and 1Dx cameras it is so interesting that when people commit a goof, they immediately reach the conclusion that, oh,it must be the camera peace.

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