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Re: Contrast, Contrast, CONTRAST!!!

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Not trying to “yell,” I just want to make sure you understand: The focus system works by detecting contrast. The ideal contrast is a thick black diagonal line on a white background. The camera cannot focus where there is no contrast, and it needs to be like a line of contrast to work.

There are a few things I recommend:

1) Use a small cluster of several focus points and not only a single point

2) Use a longer lens (or longer focal length) to bring your subject closer/enlarge the subject. This will improve the quality of the photos and help with focus. In general, all the stuff surrounding your daughter and her horse isn’t doing much for the photo. I see you’re using a tele, but I can’t tell the focal length.

3) Use Servo (Continuous) focus mode, NOT the One Shot. Shoot in bursts.

4) Put a very mindful effort into holding the camera steady. Left hand BELOW the lens, and elbows against the body

Yes, the 5D Mark IV is better at this. My advice is to first make sure you’re hitting your camera’s limits before you upgrade. You have important technique issues to work on before we want to look at a camera upgrade, because a newer camera won’t change these requirements.

I see you have the 70-200 f/2.8 L IS. Maybe add the 1.4x teleconverter; I cant tell what focal lengths you’re shooting at, but I think you need to get in closer.

1.) Some others told me to only use single point and Auto ISO.

2.) The 70-200 is the longest lens I have unless I get a 1.4. Being daytime loosing the one F/stop won't matter

3.) I always use AI Servo

4.) The EXIF said I was at 170mm.

1) The person who told you to use single point was wrong. Give the camera a few more points to work with.

2) AutoISO is just an exposure choice. It has nothing to do with focus.

3) You can borrow or rent a teleconverter or rent the Canon 100-400mm. Less than $100 to try them. I think you need to get in a lot tighter with the lens to get good shots, and this will also enlarge your subjects, which will improve focus performance.

4) You can still consider 5D4. It does have better, faster AF. But you should get the technique down first or the 5D4 results will be no better than what you’re getting. Great results take work. Shoot a LOT. No matter how good you are, not all will be in perfect focus, etc.

5) If you have a consistent back focus, you can use the Microfocus adjustment feature to correct. But this only corrects a consistent problem.

i use single focus point all the time, especially for birding, and i don't see any issue with it! as soon as you connect it to the target, it can be very accurate, IMO.

looking at the OP's, the 1st shot is focused but 2nd shot is not, although he claims that red square was right on the target and i believe him! like i said in my original post, it has happened to me numerous times, even with my 1dmk4 and 1Dx cameras. one thing that helps me is to press the shutter button half way a few times and then press it all the way down and take the photo! as i am sure you know this, pressing the shutter button beeps and confirms the "Focus" and ready to shoot with accurate focus.

The photo that is nice and clear do you think the background being clear is to busy or it looks ok as is?

background looks just the way it is, everything seems to be in focus! i don't know what you were expecting the background to look like

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