Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: what fresnal?

Fair enough and as I said, it dawned on me later it's likely an issue with my cheap Fresnel. Not here to lay out all of the details of what I did or could do differently, but I appreciate your point about them being more specific/tricky.

tko wrote:

jlafferty wrote:

FWIW I’m mostly making a point about this because I was surprised the first time I tested a fresnel among a mix of other modifiers and found it wasn’t the most efficient (as I’d assumed it should be).

What Fresnel? What design? How was the optical path set up? This is like saying, I used a lens and it didn't make the image sharper/closer/better. Well, what lens and how?

Fresnels are more difficult to set up properly, a real pain. They're more like a telescope. A snoot or reflector is much harder to mess up. Look up "better beamer" reviews for examples.

The op has admitted he needed to be more clear. So do you!

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