Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Producing collimated light

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I am curious at this point to understand why Fresnel lenses like the 5600 Big Eye were designed without a reflector behind the light source and which have the tube vertical and not aligned with the axis of the beam. The photo on the 5600 web site clearly shows this such that the tube is vertical and the behind the lens, it's all black from the canvas cover.

Hmmmm? Why did the engineers do it that way?

If I had to venture a guess, I'd reflect first on their design being able to accommodate any flash unit and then, expect that they also allowed that this design also allowed incorporation of any reflector. In other words, they didn't intend for it to not have a reflector, but intended to allow any strobe with or without reflector to be used. My guess.

But then too, maybe having a reflector will kill the ability to adjust the Fresnel lens.

If the Fresnel modifier's purpose is to produce a collimated light beam I would think that having a point light source at the lens focal point would produces the best (most collimated beam) as that is the basic definition of focal point. A reflector behind the bulb that throws off-axis rays forward might be counter-productive. Although more light comes out of the Fresnel it may not be as focused.

Disclosure - Although this explanation seems reasonable I consider optics as somewhat "smoke and mirrors" since I am a mechanical engineer by profession.

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I too, have been a different sort of engineer/scientist.   But I don't like smoke and mirrors unless I go to a magic show with a pretty wench.   So, I do my best to adapt and cross educate myself.  It's a good adventure, don't you think?

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