Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

flyinglentris wrote:

elliotn wrote:

flyinglentris wrote:

Again, flash output is NOT increased. Brightness within a smaller area is.

Sure. And more so with a fresnel than with a long throw reflector.

Well, that's really the crux of the arguments here and what the post sought to expose.

Is the Fresnel better than a long throw, a parabolic or some other similar modifier? Which is better and why?

To be honest I don't know, and I don't have the appropriate gear here to test.

Jlafferty might be correct, and a long throw reflector might put more light on the subject.

But I suspect it depends on the fresnel, and how it's set up.

Whilst it's not the same thing, I have a simple torch here (US = flashlight), and when used with its lens (not a fresnel lens) it is 8 stops brighter than when used in bare bulb mode. I can't see any reflector beating that.

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