Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

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Re: Increasing Flash/Strobe Output without Increasing Power

elliotn wrote:

jlafferty wrote:

You’re also mistaken that a fresnel “increases strobe output”. It doesn’t, and once you test it should be obvious why - you’re putting a piece of glass over the head, and thus reducing output by forcing the light to pass through a medium.

I'm puzzled. Surely a fresnel have the ability to increase the brightness on the subject by several stops (compared to a standard reflector)?

What jlafferty is pointing out is that the Fresnel has no control over the light output of the flash/strobe unit. And that is correct. What the Fresnel does is concentrate the light into a narrower beam and thereby, increases brightness. Output remains the same. It's words, but words are important as they convey meaning. My thread's title is therefore wrong and misleading. My BAD. It was not intended to be wrong. It's just the way it come out of my pointy little pinhead, erroneous. I admit.

Again, flash output is NOT increased. Brightness within a smaller area is. This also can make shadows harder as it is ultimately a smaller (albeit brighter) light at a greater distance. It would then, be advantageous to use that distance straight on so that shadows are hidden behind the subject. This would be easy if the distance forces small light to subject angles or none at all when the light is next to the camera.

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