Oly/Pen-F lens - wide, fast, small?

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Re: Oly/Pen-F lens - wide, fast, small?

I would keep my hands off the 14 mm pancake and would go for the 15 mm.

The 12 mm is small and not heavy at all.  A perfect companion on the pen F if wide angle is your shooting style.

my style is 17mm ( 35mm full frame) and i like to combine this with 45 mm shots.

These small fast primes excel in low light situations.  The 45 mm has some subject isolation.  For rock climbing i don’t see the need for these primes, except for their small size.  I still use my old e420 with kit lens for such daylight shots.  Your clients are probably equally satisfied with some iphone shots that are instant available for posting on social media...

some good portraits with a dedicated portrait lens (45 f1.8) or the 25 mm could be nice addition to the nowadays usual phonecam wideangle view.

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