Photo-manipulations vs. photography

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Re: Photo-manipulations vs. photography

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Photo manipulations imply distorting reality which is not photography. Things like blue screening and cutting objects out of a scene are distortions of reality and thus not photography.

So if I do say a Humming bird set up were I use a flower that I placed sugar water in then place a artificial back ground behind it and use six flashes to light everything it’s not a photograph according to your definition. So I guess my sons school pictures are not photographs either. I am confused when did the definition change and who changed it.

Only on a dpr forum are there arguments about the definitions of very simple fundamental things:

Dictionary definition:

Photograph: representing nature and human beings with exactness.

Both of your examples fit the above definition of a photograph.

It's the difference between TAKING a photograph and MAKING a photograph.

A doctored photograph is not a real photograph. That is the issue involved in the 500px judgment.

So what about an IR photograph? Is it somehow not a photograph because it depicts an altered reality from that seen by human eyes and interpreted by a human brain?


Whether it can be viewed or perceived by human eyes has nothing to do with it. It is whether it represents something that is real or not. What the IR photograph represents something that is real. But an image of an actual 747 airplane in my living room does not represent anything that is real and thus is not a photograph.

So then using an ND filter to make flowing water look totally different by that definition would not be a photograph either? Do you see the problems with the "something that is real or not" as a criterion for a definition?

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