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Re: This is what happens when you . . .

abiquiuense wrote:

Evenstar606 wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

. . . move the camera over to the left as you release the shutter.

That's my first wink in DPR.

I used an ultra wide angle with a crop factor camera. Had I used the full frame, I'd have gotten most of it. Had I used the fisheye, in the back seat, in the strong box, with the other make camera, also a crop factor, I'd have gotten all of it, but, I was mesmerized.

Some of our home stuff is mesmerizingly spiritual.



A double rainbow! 😍 It’s beautiful.

That did it! I'll start packing the full frames and the ultra wide angle lenses. And, I'll wash my trustee steed. Plus, I'll wash dishes even if it's not my turn.

Thank you, Ms. Courtney


Ingesting this plant will make one see double rainbows; double everything else also.

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