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Re: This is what happens when you . . .

DeGijon wrote:

Beautiful rainbows. It's rare to see the second one so intense. Sometimes, apparently, you can see a third bow but you have to look back towards the sun. I have never seen ione but given the unusual intensity of the 2nd bow maybe you did?

I've been told as much, but, I've not understood it.  The inclination is to keep looking at the event, because to turn around is counterintuitive.

Lowest rainbow that I've photographed.

Behind me is the lowest, uninterrupted light source in my vicinity.  It happens once, in the rainmaking season.  I "gather" that this rainbow happened when the sun is about to set.  The altitude of this rainbow, matched the altitude of the sun.  Four photographers followed my lead.  No one took a picture of the sun.

I love rainbows.  They inspire me to take astrophotographs.

Perchance, Member Rudi P, can shed a refracted light on this puzzle.

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