Best compact camera system for about $2000

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Re: Best compact camera system for about $2000

Another idea for a starting point would be to get a used Olympus OMD EM-1 ($350 - $450) weather sealed.  As your main lens get a 12-40mm f2.8pro used ($450). It is a killer lens and weather sealed. It is equivalent to a 24-80mm and is good for near macro work but you have to be VERY close. Not what you are asking for I know.

You could look at other lenses from there. But if you get a good deal on the 40-150 pro lens your laughing. They go for around $1200 on the used market and are absolutly incredible.  Read some reviews it is not just my opinion. That gives you 80-300mm ability and it is small.  Also weather sealed. With tubes or macro filter you can get nice close up's with it. It is an incredible setup. It is what I use for about 60% of my shooting.


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