is the Z7's 46 MPixels resolution overkill for the Z f4 24-70 kit zoom lens?

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Re: is the Z7's 46 MPixels resolution overkill for the Z f4 24-70 kit zoom lens?

Eddy Philippe wrote:

My Issue is ALL about the cropping potential. Some background: For many years I've shot with the DX VR-II 18-200 zoom on a D7100. I'm intending to replace this combo with the Z7 / f4 24-70. I expect far sharper shots with the new combo than with the old combo in the 24-70 zoom FX range.

What I'm concerned with is the loss of zoom reach at the longer range. I'm ending up with 70 instead of 200*1.5 = 300, a loss of about 4x. I'm hoping that the higher resolution of the Z7, coupled with the higher resolution of the 24-70 will allow me to compensate somewhat for this loss, via cropping. The question is how much...

I believe that the pixel density of the Z7 is approximately equal to that of the D500/D7500 and a bit less than the pixel density of D7100/D7200.  A DX crop on the Z7 using the 24-70 will get you to a field of view of approximately 105 mm on full frame.  I have cropped my Z7 images to DX size, and sometimes a bit smaller, when I am photographing small birds with a 500 mm PF, with good to decent results, depending on the image and crop.  To get 70 mm to have a field of view the same as 300 mm, however, I think  you are talking a bigger crop than that.

If you want something like the field of view of 300 mm on an FX camera, you may want to consider adding the 70-300 mm AF-P FX lens.  It is a very good lens, including at 300 mm.  It is light, fairly inexpensive for its quality, focuses quickly and works well on a Z7 with the FTZ.  I have used mine on my Z7, a well as on a D500 and D850, and like it a lot.

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