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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

shadowfax123 wrote:

Pure and simple, you bashing a camera for not being able to handle sports — but, you have absolutely no experience using the D750 for sports. You're own words, you shot with the "D7200 and a D800 at the time." I don't care if you're shot the d750 for fungi or whatever.

I am being factual - as far as I am concerned a camera with restricted AF point screen coverage is not ideal for many sports.

This is especially true when there is a body in use with wide screen coverage - the OP's D7200.

Like it or not (I guess you will not) the D750 is built down to a lower price point than D800 series with no 1/8000 shutter speed, no 1/250 flash - and AF screen coverage less than the more expensive D800 series.

The D750 is fine when you can work within its limitations.

I initially tried the D750 for cycle racing but quickly realised my D7200 and D800 were more capable.

I shoot with the best tool I have for a particular subject.

Compared to the OP's D7200 I am satisfied for a lot of sports photography the D750 is inferior. I consider this a realistic summary of the 2 cameras for most sports photography.

This is all theoretical. Yawn.

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