How many off you had to reconsider their first opinion about the EOS R

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Re: How many off you had to reconsider their first opinion about the EOS R

Photomonkey wrote:

ThomasK wrote:

Moving from the original 5D to the R, I had very high expectations, especially for improved tracking and AF from my existing stock of EF lenses. I've been very disappointed. Face and Eye tracking are not reliable for me. The AF in general has been a struggle and no better than what I had on my 5D.

I have not changed my original opinion regarding the features and ease of use for the R.

The issue with AF is that every camera claims better AF than the model preceding it. That is always true but less dramatic than the claim implies.

The real truth about AF is that it is always a problem if you let the camera decide for you.

Like any auto function, the machine will make poor decisions a certain percentage of the time.

Each new model reduces the number of that error rate but often it seems only slight.Back int eh 70's people were still claiming the ONLY way to get accurate exposure was to use a handheld meter. The real problem was that people did not know under what conditions the meter made errors and how to overcome that.

The same is true for AF. If one lets the camera choose the point of focus and it is selected by a half press of the shutter, you will have a certain amount of failure.

Eye AF is still imperfect despite the millions spent on promoting and advertising it. If one has a single subject and unambiguous conditions for success it be OK but as soon as you have to override the choice you can be faster with single point.

I use back button focus and I select the AF position. I can use single shot of servo and I get great results because I use the strengths of the machine and not its weaknesses.

Thank you for that perspective and recommendation for using back button focus. That's something I did not considered. I'll be using it this weekend at a car show.

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