Oly/Pen-F lens - wide, fast, small?

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Re: Oly/Pen-F lens - wide, fast, small?


An example of 17.5 mm voigtlander at about 3 m distance.

The climber is about  20m above the ground.

The 15 mm wil give about te same result in a much smaller package.

12 mm f2 for shots pointing downward with the client within 1 or 2 m from you.

45 mm f1.45 for shots pointing upwards.

In bright light, there will probably no substantial difference with the result you get with the zoom, because you have ti stop diwn the fast lenses.

I am a rock climbing and moutaineering instructor as well. I use my phone as a lightweight wide angle and or the voigtlander 17.5 or oly 45 f1.8 or 12 f2 on my Omd Em5.


Extra info

Wide angle pointing upward makes slopes flat and distant mountains small and less spectacular.

45 mm gives some background compression.

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